International Studies is suffused with ethical questions. From practical questions about what to do in the face of contemporary global crises, to theoretical quandaries about the possibility of universal morality, focusing on the ethical dimensions of world politics makes unique demands on scholars. With the old presumption of the irrelevance of ethics to International Relations successfully challenged, the Ethics and World Politics Working Group will provide a space for the exploration of such questions, and will be defined by the view that ethical questions are fundamental to the study of world politics. Formed in 2015, the distinctive contribution of the Working Group will be to forge a vibrant research community around three central questions: (1) how do we theorise ethics, world politics and their interrelationship; (2) how is theoretical reflection on ethics and world politics related to the practical conduct of politics; and (3) what are the unique challenges and responsibilities of teaching ethics and world politics. Recognising theoretical and methodological heterogeneity, the Working Group will seek to encourage research in the sub-discipline by organising debates on pressing themes via workshops, seminars, and small conferences; supporting early career scholars and postgraduate students; and facilitating engagements between academics, policy-makers and practitioners.


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